Auto Send Message On What’s App & Facebook Messenger 🔥

Auto Send Message On What’s App & Facebook Messenger 🔥

🔥Auto Send Message On What’s App & Facebook Messenger 🔥


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The description of Watomatic App
Watomatic sends an automated reply to everyone contacting you on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This is especially useful if you are planning to migrate away from those services but can also be used as a simple vacation responder.

• Auto reply to every incoming message or set a reply frequency
• Set your own auto reply message
• Auto reply to group chats
• Respects your privacy
• No Ads
• No Tracking
• Free
• Open Source

WhatsApp’s recent privacy policy changes have triggered a huge migration to more privacy friendly apps like Signal and others. But most of us find it difficult to delete WhatsApp because everyone else uses it. Watomatic tries to make your migration easier by letting your friends automatically know that you are moved to another app. Just set an auto reply message something like “I am not using WhatsApp anymore. Please use Signal…” and let it do the work for you.

Getting started:
Watomatic relies on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger notifications for auto reply to work. Most users usually have notifications enabled so should work without additional configuration but otherwise please make sure notifications are enabled and WhatsApp fingerprint lock is disabled for this app to work.

Note: This is not guaranteed to work on all devices. This uses lesser known Android features which most devices support but some might not. Please let us know if it does not work for your device via Github or email

This app is developed by group of contributors like you (not by a company) who spend their time and resources improving the app for almost no financial gain. We are continuously working to make it better but it is still a new app and so forgive us if it has any missing features or issues. You are welcome to join us to improve the project. 😃